The Presidential Election – The Finish Line

Source: The Buckley Bark

Max Lunievicz: Grade 8

This year, the 2016 presidential primary elections have been quite surprising, as viewers have probably seen frequently on the news. In the beginning, the outcome was quite unclear, especially on the Republican side. A clear winner, however, can now be seen on the GOP side: New York businessman Donald Trump. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the candidate who had obtained the most delegates besides Trump, dropped out of the race on May 3, 2016. As Trump is the only Republican candidate who has not suspended his campaign, he remains the only choice for the GOP nomination.

On the Democratic side, both Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton are still in the race. Clinton, however, is quite close delegate-wise to gaining the nomination. After months of primaries and caucuses, the delegate count stands with Clinton at 2,228 delegates and Sanders at 1,453 delegates. While many of Clinton’s delegates are super delegates who can change their vote at any time – a point that Sanders’ supporters mention frequently – if the super delegates remain loyal to Clinton, and if the race keeps going as it has been, then she is likely to win the Democratic nomination. Stay tuned for the upcoming summer conventions to see who the presidential nominees will officially be for each party.

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