Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes


Olivia Hanna: Grade 8
Lindsay Fabricant: Grade 7

This year, at the Halloween Parade, there were many great costumes. Here are some creative costume ideas for next year:

1. Emojis / App
All you need is a black shirt and black leggings.
Then decide what you want to do and print it out onto photo transfer paper.
Finally, just iron it on, and you’re ready to go.

2. Starbucks
First, you need a white dress or t-shirt and leggings.
Next, you print out a Starbucks logo and iron it onto the shirt or dress.
If you want to do more, you can wear a green apron and carry a Starbucks drink around.

3. Pajama Woman or Man

4. Minions
– You will need overalls, a yellow shirt, and any other minion accessory that you can find.
– Think about glasses, hat, or more.

5. Snapchat Dog Filter
– Print out the images online of yourself.
– Search for the filter, and there you go!

6. Minnie Mouse
– Collect Minnie Mouse ears, a black shirt, and red shorts, pants, or skirt.

7. Onesie
– Just put on any onesie that you have.
– It is easy to do with your friends.

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