Election Wrap-Up: The Final Presidential Debate


Brandon Anderson: Grade 8

Both presidential candidates did a stellar job in the third presidential candidates’ debate on Wednesday, October 19. The debate was located at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the final debate of the campaign season, so both candidates gave it their all.

Unlike the other debates, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton seemed more confident when she was speaking. When Clinton had something important to say, she deepened her voice and spoke louder so everyone could hear what she had to say. For his part, Republican nominee Donald Trump was able to say many of the points that he could not fit in during the other debates.

Clinton received many opportunities that allowed the viewing audience to question Donald Trump. A great point that Clinton came across was in pressing Donald Trump about his relationship with Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. The Russian government has reportedly been leaking Clinton’s team’s emails to WikiLeaks, allowing people all over the world to see them. These emails have caused a lot of controversy over the past weeks. Clinton feels as though Putin is doing this so Trump can win the election.

Clinton also talked about Trump’s tax records that were released from 1995. Trump’s records, released by The New York Times, show that he lost $916 million. This means that he could have avoided playing taxes for two decades.

Trump was aggressive at the podium, which allowed him to get many of his points across. As in the other debates, Trump criticized Clinton about her 33,000 emails. He also stated that the first action he will do when he becomes president is to reopen the Clinton FBI email case. Trump also referred to a series of videos released on YouTube by Project Veritas Action about her team creating riots at Trump rallies. These videos show different people with hidden cameras talking to Clinton’s team about the rallies.

In the end, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. This win contains controversy within itself, because all of the polls had Hillary Clinton winning the election. Trump received the most electoral votes, but Clinton received almost 2,500,000 more popular votes nationwide. This discrepancy caused protests all over the nation. Despite the controversy, both candidates did an outstanding job in not just the final debate but also in all of the contests.

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