Election Wrap-Up: President-Elect Donald Trump


Luka Markovic and Eleni Vasiliades: Grade 8

Now that Republican businessman Donald Trump has won a very close election, all Americans should support him as our new president. The campaigns and Election Day itself all featured many ups and down along the way. This is not what our founding fathers would have wanted it to be like. America is supposed to be a nation of growth and acceptance. This election became a “he said, she said” election. We both stand with Donald Trump, not because of what he has said and done, but because of his policies. If we would have elected Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as president, no one would know what would have come.

Trump managed to defeat all odds. Some Democrats think that Republicans, especially Donald J. Trump, are monsters. Trump does have his imperfections, like everyone else on earth. He has said some horrible things, but that has nothing to do with his political agenda. This election is the most important election of our lifetimes. We have to focus on the most recent problems. For example, Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, found his emails published daily on WikiLeaks.

We are both 8th-grade students and supporters of Trump, and we strongly believe that we should inform the upcoming generation. This is why voters selected Trump over Hillary. Trump will shape the rest of our lives. Not only will he be making one Supreme Court nomination, but he will most likely be responsible for finding replacements for a few other justices. If you like what President Barack Obama did during his presidency, then you likely voted for Clinton, the “status quo.”

If America had elected Clinton, then perhaps ISIS and other terrorist groups might have had an easier job of taking advantage of America. First of all, she put her plan to defeat ISIS on her website. She also would have increased refugees in the United States by 500 percent. We believe this is absolutely insane. Trump would obviously like to help refugees and people who are in need, but he wants to help out America first. Clinton also would have increased our taxes. Trump will instead decrease the tax rates.

During Election Day, Trump was the underdog. Almost all of the news networks had Clinton winning by a landslide. All of the swing states, like Florida and North Carolina, were secured in Clinton’s direction. But then on election night, news networks began to show that Trump could get many of the swing states. Eventually he did.

Trump is our new president-elect, and America needs to accept it. It’s funny that the Clinton campaign stressed how “love trumps hate,” yet meanwhile there are people burning the American flag. The same people who are against violence are being hypocrites. Trump may not be the average “status quo,” but he will truly make our country great again. Donald Trump is the right decision for America, because he will decrease our tax rates, increase vetting on immigrants and refugees, provide maternity leave, and make America great again!

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