Original Poetry: “Naturally Exquisite”

Source: The Buckley Bark

Eleni Pappas: Grade 7

Are naturally exquisite
Like the bare skin
On a baby’s face
Untouched from harm
No bumps
No bruises
Just the heart-warming kisses
From a mother
Who cares for her
Intricate masterpiece
Her bubbly bundle
Her unconditional love

It is what a flower needs
To grow
To grow its stem
So smooth and flawless
It’s a luxury to touch
To hold between your hands
And feel the warmth
It carries within itself
And those petals
Oh those petals
The true masterpiece
The kind that makes us stop
And notice the beauty
The beauty that these sacred petals hold
The beauty that glows
For attention
The beauty
That is naturally exquisite
The simplistic complexity
The thing that you can’t describe
For its radiance is so rare
So meticulously made
So special
So unique
So beautiful
That flower
That naturally exquisite flower
It grows

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