Election Wrap-Up: The Final Presidential Debate


Brandon Anderson: Grade 8

Both presidential candidates did a stellar job in the third presidential candidates’ debate on Wednesday, October 19. The debate was located at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the final debate of the campaign season, so both candidates gave it their all.

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Election Wrap-Up: President-Elect Donald Trump


Luka Markovic and Eleni Vasiliades: Grade 8

Now that Republican businessman Donald Trump has won a very close election, all Americans should support him as our new president. The campaigns and Election Day itself all featured many ups and down along the way. This is not what our founding fathers would have wanted it to be like. America is supposed to be a nation of growth and acceptance. This election became a “he said, she said” election. We both stand with Donald Trump, not because of what he has said and done, but because of his policies. If we would have elected Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as president, no one would know what would have come.

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