Chef Jacek Dub Cooks Up A Winning Buckley Recipe

Chef Jack
Source: The Buckley Bark

Luka Markovic and Simon Wigdor: Grade 8

Along with Tim Cook and Michelle Obama, Jacek Dub wakes up at 4:30 a.m., well before sunrise. Chef Jacek, the new chef at Buckley Country Day School, has an interesting background that includes wide practice within his culinary field.  

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Bring Pokémon Cards Back to Buckley

Source: The Buckley Bark

Anna Tsioulias: Grade 8

Pokémon Trading Card Game is a card game in which different fictional creatures appear on separate cards and have a certain amount of health and damage that they can do to other Pokémon. Two or more cards battle each other and use the attacks listed on the card. As a result, each Pokémon loses health until one card wins. Many people of all ages collect Pokémon cards, and they try to obtain more powerful cards than their friends. A good Pokémon card does a lot of attack damage and has a high amount of health. Pokémon cards are a great way for children to interact and bond.

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Getting to Know Mrs. Colleen Fortuna

Source: The Buckley Bark

Anna Tsioulias: Grade 8

Mrs. Colleen Fortuna, Buckley’s Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, has been with the school for approximately two years. For many years before that, she also worked in New York City for a private equity firm as an office manager. There, she had a wide range of responsibilities, which made the job interesting. After that, she began to work in another independent school on Long Island and spent six years as the school’s Associate Director of Admissions. Then she was an Admissions Director at another school before coming to Buckley.

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7th Grade Community Service Club Springs Into Action

Club 1
Source: The Buckley Bark

Sterling Kalogeras: Grade 7

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, the Buckley Country Day School 7th Grade Community Service Club visited Atria Glen Cove, an assisted living community. Before their visit, on Friday and Saturday, the club members split up into two groups and baked various goods. Club members Adrienne Chacon, Kimberly Schleimer, Meghan Barr, Charlotte Fox, and Sterling Kalogeras went to the facility. They served chocolate chip cookies, brownies, brookies (half chocolate chip cookie, half brownie), shortbread, gingerbread cookies, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. After this, the members sat down and talked to some of the seniors living there. Then they sat down as a panel and told everyone about themselves, and also about the club and, of course, Buckley. The seniors afterward got the chance to ask any questions they had.

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Exploring The Upper School Electives

Source: The Buckley Bark

Jane Park: Grade 7

Every Thursday morning at 10:20 a.m., Buckley’s seventh- and eighth-graders have an elective period, including such offerings as Mindful Bodies, Calligraphy, Scripta, Video Production, Model UN, and our very own Buckley Bark. Upper School students often hear about the different electives from their friends, but they never truly get to experience every option. The Buckley Bark, therefore, asked students about which electives they wanted to know more about and interviewed two people from each of the top three electives.

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Mrs. Jennifer Demopoulos Shines Inside And Outside Of The Classroom

Mrs D
Source: Mrs. Jennifer Demopoulos

Olivia Hanna: Grade 8

Mrs. Jennifer Demopoulos, a teacher at Buckley for 25 years, has an exciting life both inside and outside of the classroom. Her career at Buckley consists of both music, the arts, and teaching. Here at Buckley, she has been a pre-K assistant, Kindergarten assistant, director of The Nutcracker for eight consecutive years, dance teacher for the seventh and eighth grades, and art teacher for grades one through eight.

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The Oscars Mishap

Source: The Buckley Bark

Eleni Vasiliades: Grade 8

The 89th Academy Awards took place on February 26, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. The host of these much-anticipated oscars was Jimmy Kimmel. Everything went well throughout the show. There were numerous puns and jokes directed at President Donald J. Trump that had the audience in laughter. La La Land was the anticipated front runner for the Best Picture award.

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Author Gita Varadarajan Visits Buckley

Source: Amazon

Alan Barkan: Grade 7

On Monday, March 13, 2017, the co-author of Save Me A Seat, Gita Varadarajan, visited Buckley to talk about her book and about what happened in her life to lead to the creation of her novel. She spoke to the fifth, sixth, and seventh grades in the auditorium that morning.

Varadarajan’s book, Save Me A Seat, is about two kids, Ravi and Joe, who are in the same classroom in the fifth grade. Their first week of school is very chaotic, and these two kids do not think that they have anything in common. But they do in fact have one big problem that they share: the fifth-grade bully.

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Give The Benefits Of Dance To All

Buckley Dance
Source: Buckley Country Day School

Lindsay Fabricant: Grade 7

At Buckley, the seventh- and eighth-graders have a chance to take a dance class for their music elective. But why don’t the fifth- and sixth-graders have the same opportunity?

Currently, the seventh- and eighth-graders are given the choice to dance at Buckley in its black box theater, in a class taught by Mrs. Jennifer Demopoulos. The students have a chance to learn various dance techniques in their music elective and to perform at different school assemblies. Some of their past performances have occurred on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Celebration of the Arts in May.

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Cyberdogs Participate In Lego Robotics Competition

Source: Mrs. Linda Bernard

Sajid Aziz: Grade 8

On Sunday, February 25, 2017, the Buckley “Cyberdogs” robotics team participated in the First Lego League (FLL) robotics competition. The team advanced from the first competition in seventh place and won an award for Technical Design. After the first competition, the team spent their subsequent Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays revising and editing their programs and missions for the next stage of the contest.

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