Original Poetry Of The American West

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Source: The Buckley Bark

What Do You Seek?
Jack Davis: Grade 8

What do you seek sir?
What is it you most desire?

Do you wish to hear the hooves of the buffalo
As they tread everything beneath them
With a rush louder than the sound
Of a thousand bullets freed from the bonds of the gun barrel?

Do you wish to see the sun rise
It’s welcome light vanquishing the shadows of the dark
With a stern steady hand
While it tends to life with the gentleness of a mother?

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Student Paintings And Self-Expression

Naomi Nishimura: Grade 8

Annie Mulholland: Grade 8

Throughout the year Buckley students have expressed themselves in various ways, from writing a two-page essay to showing themselves through self-portraits. These are some various examples of what these students have produced in art teacher Mrs. Jennifer Demopoulos’ classroom. Some, in fact, are still in development.

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