Getting A Head Start On Head Start

Max Lunievicz: Grade 8

Source: The Buckley Bark

Every year, Buckley Country Day School’s students in grades 5-8 sand and paint wooden toys, donate sets of hats and gloves, and wrap these garments in paper during the weeks before the winter break. They do this to prepare for the annual field trip to two Head Start Programs, where each Upper School student is paired with a toddler to enjoy various activities. Some of these fun activities include coloring, cookie decorating, and many more small art projects.

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Student Paintings And Self-Expression

Naomi Nishimura: Grade 8

Annie Mulholland: Grade 8

Throughout the year Buckley students have expressed themselves in various ways, from writing a two-page essay to showing themselves through self-portraits. These are some various examples of what these students have produced in art teacher Mrs. Jennifer Demopoulos’ classroom. Some, in fact, are still in development.

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The Artistic Styles Of The Seventh Grade

S. Maxwell Brown: Grade 7

Source: The Buckley Bark

The seventh-grade class of Buckley Country Day School is artistic in many ways. Mrs. Jennifer Demopoulos, the art and dance teacher, is teaching the seventh-grade about self-portraits. She is, however, teaching the students a different way of interpreting self-portraits. Mrs. Demopoulos specifically instructed the students to include certain things they like or things that have deeper meaning behind them. Many students internalized her idea of creating self-portraits and made it their own.

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How To Study Smarter

Laila Mak: Grade 2

No matter what grade you are in, I’m sure one thing Buckley students can agree on is that studying is a big part of their lives. It is important, therefore, that we know how to study smarter. How do we study smarter? To get some great answers, I interviewed Ms. Jennifer Appel, the seventh- and eighth-grade English teacher who also teaches study skills once a week.

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A Snippet From The Runway

Portia Inzone: Grade 8

Many Upper and Lower School students participated in Mrs. Katherine Reyes’ Fashion Show on Wednesday, November 2, 2015. The fashion line included a large selection of both kids’ and adults’ clothing. Whether a dress, shirt, or pant, Reyes made these clothes with true passion. They were all amazing! These vibrant pieces were worn on Buckley’s runway in the Upper Gym by not only students, but also faculty and parents. Students learned how to properly walk on the runway, and they were given the opportunity to pose in whichever way they wanted. Although some were nervous, the outcome of the show was spectacular.

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