Hamilton’s Historically Accurate Thriller

Source: Hamilton Broadway

Kevin Ross: Grade 8

What is Hamilton? It is a musical based off of the famous politician, Alexander Hamilton. There is more to his life than getting shot by Aaron Burr. The musical shows how Hamilton got into a feud with Burr and how their anger toward each other slowly built up. At first glance, they seemed like people who had the same beliefs, but it turned out that Burr took things too slowly. Hamilton never stopped working. In fact, Hamilton asked Burr to help him write some essays known as The Federalist Papers to help him defend the new U.S. Constitution, but Burr turned him down. Hamilton instead joined up with John Jay and James Madison. They originally were supposed to write 25 essays, but instead ended up writing 85, with John Jay writing 5, James Madison writing 29, and Hamilton writing the final 51.

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The Buckley Colloquium

Source: Buckley Country Day School

Mercer Hall: Faculty

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff gathered together for the fourth Buckley Colloquium. This annual event brings together members across the school community to share an evening of learning and laughter. Participants read a nonfiction book in advance of the Colloquium and then meet in small-group discussions led by facilitators. This year, the group read The Road To Character by David Brooks, an author, journalist, New York Times columnist, and PBS NewsHour commentator.

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A Romantic Tragedy


Jack Davis: Grade 8

Bonjour mes amis! That is French for “Hello my friends!” French is such a beautiful language. It simply rolls off the tongue, like cool lemonade down the lip of a pitcher on a warm summer day. Now, Buckley is phasing out this sweet and tangy language to make way for Mandarin, another savory language. Why can’t Buckley have all three languages? Why can’t Buckley have three unique colors to compose its linguistic pallet of learning? Each language is great by itself, but multiple languages can have an impact on everybody!

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Super Bowl 50: A Tragic Anniversary


Andrew Mazza: Grade 8

Super Bowl 50. What a terrible way to end 50 years of the Super Bowl. There have been so many great plays in the history of the Super Bowl: Franco Harris’ “Immaculate Reception,” David Tyree’s “Helmet Catch,” and John Riggins’ “Run To Glory.” The only big play featured in this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7, 2016, was Jordan Norwood’s record-breaking punt return that only occurred because the Carolina Panthers thought he called for a fair catch. Statistically, this was not the most impressive Super Bowl either. Neither of the two teams succeeded in completing more than 20 passes, while the Panthers attempted more than 40. There were a near-record 6 turnovers in total, and the Denver Broncos only converted for 11 first downs. The final score was 24-10 in favor of the Broncos.

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